Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Bogan Day To All The Rednecks

Oh sweet christ, summer seems a novelty for the first day or so but jeez 50 something days in and one begins to tire of its stubborn heat. Diamond Falls, creature of lust and sexual desire was oh so dripping with viscous mank this morning that all hopes of succeeding in our proposed attack on our routes were left dashed upon the rocks at the base of the crag, they themselves writhing in the unholy solar blaze shooting down from its cosmic source.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Jelly Moses

My eternal appologies for not keeping up to date with the happenings and explosions of joy that have been going on since my last post, ive been thrown back to the ice age and am now on-ly just ma-king it ba-ck to the neu jahr! Iam a social retard and anti-technological woodsmen with a brow so heavy i dont bother even trying to see.

But OH! SO! many things have been slipping by our waking eyes dispite summers gooie grasp, and all so wanting of jotting into posts for no-one. Bouldering areas being developed in Los Megalong, Red Ledge show downs, cliff top poses and all the whiles growing more more prunie in perpetual sweat bath summer!

Lee Bopaloo has almost a Red Ledge crag tick! Mermaids Avenue is the new Monks Life summer retreat in the forest.

Injurous words spur crusade of grade related proof of worth as an aspired to
personality is held back by the attempted inforcement of same. Desperasion sinks steely claws and the cycle continues. Or so it seems.

Boo boo bugaloo,
the heat,
i need a crutch.

Boo boo bugaloo,
my hair is neat,
i have that much.

Boo boo bugaloo,
there is a seat
though tis wet to touch.

Boronia is over run and thats where we are headed.