Tuesday, September 22, 2009


9a doorjam….

....is a question to ones motivation, always there and scrutinising, drawing your mind away from whatever distractions seduce thee, in essence… if you only have a doorjam to train on you can climb 9a, if you have a block of wood alone in your hand there is, right there, limitlessness in your hand, there is no reason but motivation, imagination for your goals to be left unrealised, for your daydreams to be unfulfilled it is all down to motivation, imagination, inspiration, 9a doorjam pulls you back to the fact of the matter and what it will take for you to do any given task.

The age old example:
The forearms are blind, so are the fingers and all that is housed within and that comprises thereof, and so as these, the rest of the body is just the same, indifferent to all but the action. So, in training weather you hang one arm in full crimp off a mouldy wooden edge in a garden shed or the latest, greatest polyurethane fingerboard the same action is being performed in the same way and your body is in the same way appreciative of your effort.
Its not that I’m saying fingerboards are a shit waste of time, of course not! More that its easy to concentrate on the finger and miss all that heavenly glory then to see it for its inherent use…to make thy fingers ming’in.

It is important to note that the “9a” grade is used for its exemplary use as opposed to just its mythic importance to the aforementioned pursuit of climbing where it may be seen as an end in itself for number value alone and that the “doorjam” is representative of the means by which a given task can be pursued when only the bare minimum of tools are yours to be utilised and thereby helping to bring to the fore perhaps hazily at first and with time more clearly the motives that hide behind the pretense for a persons desire to pursue any goal or end, or not even, a microbial “win” in any respect, be that in climbing, in conversation with strangers in the street and of course in your own relationship with yourself. So many selves, so little time to share your madness between them all!

The desire to possess something in the hope that it will make you something other then what you are i.e. “I will be X when I have Z”. Needing and wanting, a distraction from the apparent and pontificated goal. To want a new trick fingerboard more so then what you want from it, or that the want of it is not just the usefulness that it was created for!!!

If this is not making sense to you, know that it IS you….
Obviously this is beyond climbing, which makes it beyond life’s menial matters and strikes at the core of all reason. So, it is with great pleasure that we unveil 9a doorjam to the world, right here! To YOU right here!

In the future we will have all sorts of great stuff scribbled here for your enjoyment.
Pseudo-mystic tangents, hollerings of Old Testament grandeur, articulation of the sounds of a serpents slithering and fun tricks about kletterning und shtuff.

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