Saturday, March 20, 2010

Effervescent endoplasmic reticulum! Its cooling down and jesus knows i hate all weather talk but its all i do at the moment so let me get on with my new hate/love babble fish splutter. Sweet cowgirl chunks its been sooooooo rancid these...hmmmmmmmm last couple of months, 6? 7? yes to many to remember thanky wery much. But and so its all coming to an end and by gum we'll have some tasty friction soon enough.
HALLELUJAH! Some time past vowed to never spend another summer, and so started my long cruisade of perpetual winters.
Along with my sweetheart we travelled the lands and sea's by camel and/or rowboat, hybernated under coolabah's ate from rivers of pristine toxicity and have now found our way back to the lands that were the loins of our lives, homeward bound...
All resolutions arn't always met and we spent this summer within this smeg factory unit of the bleu mountains.
By gum jehovah you mercieless cunt you and you pop and all other affiliated meanies, angels and other, why oh why? You who profess to compassion and love? why? My skin is all sore and crinkly cause of you guys and quite frankly im not happy,
so taking myself to the crossroads i done sold ma souly to that big ol devil for some cool weather, and whatayaknow, its a coming right round the bend, and oh boy its gonna freeze you souless soul by gum!

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