Tuesday, April 27, 2010

all is well

Cosy Rotten showing that Tarana aint just land of typical groustralian granite

bolting chicken wall project "burgerk" at bungonia not so long ago

yeah! all oh patience is paying off in the form of must happen-rotation of the season-that-cant-not-happen-and-can-only-must! its still our faith that saw it to our door! that which i speak of is cool orange autumn, gently to touch and vibrating with the potential. So all is stable in the consciousness' and countenances of the fellows and floozys in the mountains! The dream is endin and the dream reality is udging into movement, the Blackheath Bouldering Co-op at the ex-Blackheath Bowling club is getting into full swing all because of one saintly saint - Julian S. Saunders. Now St. Julian De Mutual Woody! If you aint in you aint in and in that case you wont e in! so get IN! The BBC! wow what a ring it has! What on earth has been happening otherwise in the mountains? anywhere? Leebop and I choofed of to the Grampians when we really should have bee doing uni work and were greeted with heat in all forms, well only really the weather, not the form of heat that greeted he and i and Jesse that fateful morn when we were held up by cops outside randy andys house, three guns pointed right at noggins! no not tat kinda heat, the weather kind as i say, we still managed to do Ammagamma v13 and Big Buck Hunter v11. Chuffed to have done Ammagamma!
The weather kept lee, perennial mincer from doing his taipan project this time around, what a bummer. Oh and leaving that place we had such an awful anxiety for what we know we can never fully immerse ourselves in, so much to tame not enough cowboys as they say in the west. The Grampians needs one hell of a committed bogan/redneck/country bumkin to be able to handle life outside of climbing out there in the wild south west of victoria. Shitting heck im not sure if iam he! ah hek!

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